Saeed Mortazavi (pictured), the former Tehran Prosecutor General, has been sentenced to two years in prison over the deaths of protesters after the disputed 2009 Presidential election.

Scores of demonstrators were killed by Iranian security forces. Thousands of people were detained, and several died in custody.

Mortazavi came under scrutiny because one of the victims, Mohsen Ruholamini, was the son of prominent conservative political activist Abdolhossein Ruholamini. The Supreme Leader criticized abuses in the Kahrizak detention center near Tehran, where three other detainees died, and the facility was closed.
In 2014 Mortazavi was found guilty of illegally detaining people and sending them to Kahrizak. The former prosecutor was also barred for life from serving in the Justice Department and for five years from serving in public positions.

The former prosecutor was initially acquitted of being an accomplice to murder, but the court of appeals has now overruled the verdict.