Syria Daily: More Turkish Troops Cross Border Near Idlib Province


Turkish force in armored vehicles crosses border late Thursday


More Turkish troops have deployed near opposition-held Idlib Province in northwest Syria.

About 80 soldiers in a convoy of 12 armored vehicles crossed the border late Thursday, according to Turkish media. Local sources said the force will initially take up positions in western Aleppo Province on the Idlib border.

A Free Syrian Army commander, Abu Khairo, said about 30 military vehicles entered at the Bab al-Hawa border crossing, and moved to Sheikh Barakat, a hilltop overlooking both opposition-held territory and the Kurdish Afrin canton.

Abu Khairo added that the convoy was escorted by fighters from the jihadist bloc Hay’at Tahrir al-Sham.

President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan and the Turkish military said last weekend that personnel were being deployed to enforce a “de-escalation zone” agreed with Russia and Iran last month — even as Russian and regime warplanes continue to bomb the province.

Erdoğan first said that the operations would confront “terrorists”, and Turkish-supported rebels said they were ready to confront the jihadist bloc Hay’at Tahrir al-Sham. However, after scattered clashes and shelling, reports indicated that Turkey and HTS reached an agreement for Ankara’s troops to move into the province, parts of which are controlled by the jihadists.

See Syria Daily, Oct 9: Are Turkey and Jihadist HTS Co-operating in Idlib Province?

HTS said in a statement on Thursday that while it objected to foreign occupation, the Turkish intervention was a “limited force under the mujahedin’s sway, that in no circumstance exercises control…in these areas in which God’s law is supreme”.

Some observers assessed that the real intent of Turkey’s operation was to contain the Kurdish canton of Afrin, with Ankara putting its troops along the border with Idlib and Aleppo Provinces. Ankara considers the Syrian Kurdish Democratic Party (PYD) and its YPG militia to be part of the Turkish Kurdish insurgency PKK.

A Free Syrian Army official said Thursday, “The Turkish army convoy is entering under the protection of Tahrir al-Sham to take positions on the front line with the YPG.”

Turkey first sent in troops and armor, supported by shelling and airstrikes, in August 2016 to back a rebel offensive against the Islamic State in northern Aleppo Province. The operations soon cleared ISIS from the Turkish-Syrian border and took much of the north and west of Aleppo, as pro-Assad forces enabled by Russia finally reoccupied all of Aleppo city.

Ceasefire Deal South of Damascus?

A ceasefire deal covering opposition-held territory south of Damascus has been brokered by Cairo and Moscow, according to Egyptian state media.

The report said the agreement includes Jaish al-Islam, one of the two leading rebel factions in the Damascus suburbs. It went into effect at noon on Thursday.

“We announced a preliminary agreement over the will to enter into a ceasefire and de-escalation deal for the area,” Jaish al-Islam political leader Mohammad Alloush said in televised comments. He said details will be agreed in the near future.

The exact area covered by the truce was not announced. The opposition holds an area in Daraa Province between pro-Assad forces and an Islamic State enclave to the west.

ISIS Car Bombs “Kill Dozens” in Northeast

Islamic State car bombs have reportedly killed dozens of people, including displaced Syrians and Kurdish security personnel, in northeastern Syria.

The attack was near the border of Hasakah Province and Deir ez-Zor Province, where ISIS is facing assaults by both the Kurdish-led Syrian Democratic Forces and a pro-Assad offensive supported by Russian operations.

The SDF’s Talal Sello confirmed the bombing in the village of Abu Fas in Hasakah, where displaced civilians are processed before entering camps.

“Dozens of people were killed and wounded….The civilians escaped towards desert areas where mines exploded and the toll rose,” Sello said.

A medical source in the Kurdish Red Crescent said at least 50 people were slain by three car bombs.

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  1. So first HTS attacks FSA and AaS and grabs their territories in bloody fights, Erdo’an makes some noises in support of AaS, and then HTS hands some of the territory to Erdo’an. Should be a lesson for anyone who thinks they can trust Islamists. Hopefully the FSA will realize it is time to join SDF and do away with these bloody Islamics.

    Isn’t it obvious that they have been cooperating all along? Assad need not worry about this invasion. Putin has to snap his fingers and Erdo’an will be in Moscow apologizing, and will withdraw and hand the areas under control to SAA. That is the nature of the Islamic.

    • Hmmn, you could well be right, me old chum!

      Tayyip just yesterday handed over a captured SyAF pilot who accidentally crashed into Turkey while on a Idlib border sight-seeing [through bomb-sights, that is], which certainly looks like he is swallowing a hefty helping of Sunni sectarian pride to try to improve relations with Assad, extricate himself from this unholy & wholly failed régime-change mess and then jointly concentrate, also with Iran and Iraq, on a final solution to the Kurdish menace before they can be employed by hostile Yankistan to dice up Turkey and demolish its economy down to the levels of Damascus:

      • Not so much “Sunni sectarian pride” but “Islamico-nationalist” pride. The fight between AKP/MHP and PKK is not sectarian, rather ethno-nationalist and demagogueish.

        Turkey’s economy has tanked and will get destroyed further simply because Erdo’an chose to ethnically cleanse the Kurds, which is a major drain on the economy. Nothing to do with Yankistan. And remember, PKK is a Marxist outfit that you should support. So shameful of the old crusty Marxist losers to abandon the new Bookchin culture Marxists and their Yankee backers. Russia will never give you socialism, because there is no hope that Russia will revert back to socialism. However, Yankistan can give you socialism, because Yankistan has stopped worrying about socialism, knowing that nobody is going to touch that box of sh*t.

        • The Yanki Establishment is so petrified of Socialism that they felt compelled to go to some lengths in dirty tricks to cheat even the fake ’socialist’ Bernie out of an honest swing against Trump, which if polls are accurate he would have won.

          Since then in livid fear the Deep State in collaboration with Google et al has resorted to a massive anti-democratic campaign of blanket censorship of dissident online voices across the political spectrum, but with a special emphasis on the authentic Left, lest any further slight tremor will bring the capitalist House of Cards to collapse, so no, they have never stopped worrying about it, but the sweet thing is it will happen despite their best efforts to forestall the inevitable:

            • For those brainwashed die-hard types maybe it will be a bit like drowning … at some point one just lets go and takes a massive gulp to see what really happens next, finally convinced it can hardly be worse than continuing to breath-hold while submerged.

              Others, however, are delighted to learn to swim.

              • Yeah, that is what Lenin said. Put a gun to the head of the people, and lo and behold, they all turn revolutionaries and they start appreciating the revolution. Cut their heads off, and let Allah judge who was right and who was wrong. Throw them in the sea, and they either learn to swim and appreciate the revolution, or they sink (i.e. get executed).

                Do you see any similarities between these two ideologies?

              • Tell that bullshit to Venezuelans and Cubans among the long list of countries where socialism was a catastrophic failure.

              • Both those countries have been under practically constant Yanki aggression by one filthy means or another since Castroism/Chavism was respectively invented. Once that bloody millstone is dropped from about their necks by the triumphant Worker’s Revolutionary Government of Yankistan [WRGY], you’ll find they are natural swimmers who will rapidly work out any kinks.

              • When was the last time that we heard — “do not worry, just do as I tell you, and all will be dandy”. You want society to re-invent itself by revolution. But you have no idea what it will re-invent itself to, and whether that would be an improvement or a regression. You want us to have blind faith in your deterministic ideology. Your prescription is pure religion. Sorry, but I have stopped worshiping angels and jinns and believe I am a bit wiser than that.

          • Yes agree that Feel the Bern Sanders is a fake socialist. He is a rather extreme social democrat, but not a socialist.

            In the democratic primaries, people voted for Hillary (my own favorite) many times more than Sanders. You call that manipulation? That old trope does not stick anymore Barbar. You have nothing to replace democracy with, except for dictatorship. So take a breather, go away, theorize a better way to arrive at government, and come back. Revolutionary takeover of the secret police and the military, AKA Leninism, not only morally reprehensible, but doesn’t work anymore. People have become far to educated and smart to fall for Leninist nonsense.

            “Deep State”, “collaboration with Google” lol, “censorship of the “authentic Left” … LOL. Socialism is dead, face the fact Barbar. Nobody, even Russians, don’t want to live like they did in the CCCP.

            Problem with Socialism is that it makes no economic and political sense, and 2- has no replacement for liberal democracy. That is why cultural leftists avoid economics like the plague, and are so illiterate about the subject. How is the intellectually backward Left, authentic or cultural, want to win the debates on economics and politics? They can’t. That is why they only debate on LGBT rights and cultural appropriation.

            “It will happen”? Where have I heard that before? Ahh… That is what Mohammedans say about one day delivering the world to Allah — “it is inevitable”. More political determinism.

  2. Arabs instead of fighting ISIS and liberating their lands, are fighting KRG and imposing a blockade, who are at peace with them. Stupid Arab culture of face saving, poverty, violence, religious superstition and backwardism. These people are not reformable. Make sure our borders are tight and not a single Arab is admitted.

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