Podcast: The Trump-Russia Grand Jury

Donald Trump boards Air Force One in Maryland for a 17-day vacation, August 4, 2017 (Nicholas Kamm/AFP/Getty)

I joined BBC Radio Scotland on Saturday for further analysis of the significance of the grand jury empanelled for the Trump-Russia investigation.

The discussion is preceded by an interview with Los Angeles-based commentator Mo’Kelly about the attempt by Attorney General Jeff Sessions to divert attention with his proclamation of a campaign against “leakers”. I then consider Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s lines of inquiry into Trump and senior advisors, from the Trump-Russia meetings throughout 2016 to the tracking of possible Russian finance of the Trump campaign and its senior members to the prospect of Trump’s obstruction of justice.

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I think Trump is now involved [in the investigation]. Robert Mueller has not said a word since May, but it has been revealed that his team consider Trump a target. Despite Trump’s warnings that “you cannot investigate my financial affairs”, Mueller’s team are doing so and some of those investigations may go beyond Russia into other areas of Trump’s business.

And that is beyond the question of obstruction of justice.

Listen from 5:51, with my contribution from 12:36

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