US Podcast: Dissecting Trump & His “Ambassador to the European Union”


PHOTO: Theodore Roosevelt Malloch, Donald Trump’s prospective Ambassador to the European Union

I joined BBC Radio 2 on Tuesday to respond to the PR appearance of Dr Theodore Roosevelt Malloch, a favorite to become Donald Trump’s Ambassador to the European Union.

Malloch — who recited many of his qualifications, but curiously omitted that he heads a lobbying firm — lobbied effusively for Trump. But curiously he said little about Europe, even though the President-elect had just commented that the EU is breaking up, that Germany is dominating Europe, and that NATO is obsolete.

There was much more to say about both Trump’s approach and the deceptions of Malloch — such as the line that both he and Trump, very wealthy and well-connected men, are “outsiders”.

And there’s a provocative conclusion with the question, “Do we need to unite behind Donald Trump at Friday’s inauguration?”

The item starts at 31:46, with my contribution from 45:19:

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