US Audio Analysis: Clinton and Trump Continue March to Nominations

EVERETT, WA - MARCH 22: Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton takes a self with a supporter at a labor rally on March 22, 2016 in Everett, Washington. Clinton was spending the day in Washington ahead of the state's Democratic Party caucuses. (Photo by Stephen Brashear/Getty Images)

PHOTO: Victory pose? Hillary Clinton takes a selfie with a supporter (Stephen Brashear/Getty)

I spoke with BBC Coventry on Wednesday afternoon about the latest contests in the US Presidential campaign, explaining how Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump consolidated their front-running positions with victories in Arizona.

The discussion looks forward to the next primaries, concluding that by New York on April 19, it could be all over in both the Democratic and Republican races. Then….

Watch the conventions.

Will the Democrats unite behind Hillary Clinton? I think the answer is yes.

Will the Republicans unite behind Donald Trump? I think the answer is a very loud and dramatic no.

Listen from 1:41.06

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  1. Hillary will be anointed. That will be boring..
    You don’t want to miss the republican convention. I think it’s going to get heated.
    Kasich has said, quite confidently, that Trump will not have enough delegates.
    I see a possible rebellion and split of the republican party. Well, I’m hoping.

  2. Clinton rightly points out that Assad is the source of a lot of the terrorism in the region. @wolfblitzer (22/03)
    Clinton calls for working with Syrian opposition to create “safe areas” inside Syria. (again)(23/03)
    Clinton says if Trump is elected, “It will be like Christmas in the Kremlin.”
    But, Obama, in Argentina, rejects calls for change in strategy against Islamic State (23/03)

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