PHOTO: Belgian troops outside Zaventem Airport after Tuesday attacks

Amid the developments over Tuesday’s suicide bombings in Brussels, I spoke with both BBC West Midlands and CNN International about the best way to respond to the attacks and the Islamic State.

The BBC conversation goes into the causes of the attacks — both the local and Middle Eastern contexts — and suggests a focus on dialogue with communities, as well as attention to security, rather than a divisive us v. them approach.

Listen from 22:37

I hope that we don’t give into fear and looking over our shoulders and suspicion, because that’s not going to provide for the steps for security.

The best way to deal with the terrorist challenge is that all groups come together, that all groups — whatever their religion, their ethnicity — feel they have a common cause.

And on the overseas dimension:

Unless you get to grips with the cause of the anger, the frustration, and the instability over what is happening in Syria and in Iraq, you are not going to deal with the problem. You cannot protect people over here unless you protect people in Syria.