Syria Developing: Israel Retaliates Against Assad’s Army After Rockets Cross Border


PHOTO: Smoke rises from Israel’s Galilee after rockets from Syria struck the area

Israel has retaliated after four rockets were fired from Syria across the border into Galilee and the Israeli-occupied Golan Heights on Thursday.

The rockets were fired from Quneitra Province in southwestern Syria. No casualties were reported, and no group took responsibility.

The Israeli army responded with artillery fire, while the Israel Air Force also carried out raids. Two bases and the Syrian Army’s Brigade 90 were reportedly among the targets.

Israeli officials said the rockets were likely fired from territory controlled by the Assad regime. Unconfirmed claims said an artillery unit of the Syrian army’s 90th Brigade, stationed north of Quneitra, carried out the attacks.

An IDF spokesman said, “The army sees Syria as responsible for the fire, and it will pay the price for it.”

Other Israel Defense Forces sources blamed Islamic Jihad, with Iranian funding and direction. Islamic Jihad spokesman Daud Shihab firmly denied that the organization was responsible.

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  1. Isrel is fcuking Assad tonight. Will see what the hell this state and its biggest isrel-destroyer Iran and Hezb do tomorrow. They are the big-mouth killer of their own countrymen, whn it comes to superior power they will falter like before.

    • Targets hit in rural Damascus included the 37th Regiment, 68th Brigade & military sec. branch 220 aka Sasa’a…There were 5 airstrikes against Assad positions in Quneitra –Sami. The IDF targeted Syrian infrastructure, weapons (artillery battalion), antennas, headquarters and warehouses. Targets were deep into Syria.–IDF Elite. It makes you realize how quickly US airpower could have brought an end to this war and Iranian-inspired genocide.

  2. I will love to see what our Great Resistance say tomorrow. If they can sustain this much fcuk from Isrel then they should declare themselves as the Greatest resistance who resists to resist…hahahahah shame on you the cowards Bashar Iran and Hezb the big mouth.

  3. Although they would probably never admit it, I bet the Syrians in the Golan Heights quietly thank God that they live where they do. While all of Syria is swallowed up in grinding urban warfare, bombing, jihadist terror, shabiha terror, crime, poverty, disease and even local famine, they are spared.

    • Very true when this war is over and if the Southeren Front takes Damascus the two may finally have normal relationships agien.

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