Syria Daily, Dec 27: US-Led Coalition Steps Up Airstrikes on Islamic State


LATEST: Regime — We Are Ready to Join Moscow Meeting To Discuss Political Resolution

UPDATE 1530 GMT: The US-led coalition carried out another 12 airstrikes on Saturday inside Syria.

The Combined Joint Task Force said six strikes near the besieged Kurdish center of Kobane on the Turkish border destroyed Isis buildings, fighting positions, and vehicles.

In Iraq, six strikes were carried out near Al Asad, Mosul, Falluja, Al Qaim, and Baiji. Targets included buildings, vehicles, and an Islamic State refinery.

The US-led coalition stepped up airstrikes on the Islamic State inside Syria on Friday, with 19 attacks.

There were also 20 strikes on IS positions in neighboring Iraq, the Combined Joint Task Force said.

The Task Force said the Syrian attacks were concentrated in the north near the Kurdish center of Kobane, which has been besieged by the jihadists since September. The statement claimed that “two large Islamic State units and four tactical units” were hit and that buildings, a staging area, and several fighting positions were destroyed.

The Assad regime’s warplanes have also been attacking the Islamic State this week, killing dozens of people and wounding many more in Raqqa, the largest city controlled by the jihadists.

In Iraq, the US-led airstrikes were in areas from Tal Afar and Al Qaim near the Syrian border to Sinjar, where Kurdish forces have been trying to reclaim territory, to Mosul, Iraq’s second-largest city.

Regime: We Are Ready to Join Moscow Meeting To Discuss Political Resolution

State news agency SANA has put out a convoluted newsflash, which some are interpreting as willingness by the Assad regime to sit down with a Syrian “opposition”:

Foreign Ministry: Syria is Ready to Participate in Moscow’s Preparatory Consultative Meeting to Meet the Syrians’ Aspirations of Finding a Way out of Crisis

Hadi al-Bahra, head of the opposition Syrian National Coalition, dismissed the report: “Russia does not have a clear initiative, and what is called for by Russia is just a meeting and dialogue in Moscow, with no specific paper or initiative.”

Activists: 55 Killed on Friday Amid Regime Airstrikes in South

The Local Coordination Committees record 55 people killed on Friday across Syria, with casualties especially heavy from regime bombing in the south.

Of the 55 deaths, 21 were reported in Damascus and its suburbs and 14 in Daraa Province. The towns of Ibtaa and Dael in Daraa were among those hit by barrel bombs.

Wounded being treated in Dael:

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    #1: SHA’AR OIL FIELDS: On Tuesday, ISIS seized three wells and killed at least 30 government and pro-government fighters, said the Syrian Observatory.


    The appearance of a photograph appearing to show a young white ‘jihadist’ armed with a rifle sitting alongside Islamic State fighters has led to fears of a major propaganda coup by the extremist group. ..But doubts about the authenticity have emerged after a blogger, who calls himself Abu Dawud, claimed on Saturday that he had fabricated the image in order to hoax the British media.

    This comes after the expose of high-living Shami Witness, the “elderly holy man” who turned out to be a 24-year-old party goer with no wife and four kids (the latter supposedly “prevented” him from joining ISIS unlike those he encouraged. He “wished that he could go but had family obligations,” he informed those he suckered.

    3. ALEPPO: Fierce clashes continue today in Malah between rebels and foreign militias that–along with the Obama-enabled Syrian Air Force–are all that keep the regime afloat.–Paradoxy.

    #4: Obama-Kerry-McDonough Approved Christmas present to Syrians, via Genocide Regime: 48 barrel bombings on Christmas Day.

    Assad’s crimes continue because Obama wants it that way. Hence”President Bend Over” approved the (ultra-radicalizing chemical weapons deal, kept the \moderate rebels unarmed compared to all rivals or opponents from Day One, opposed any NFZ that might provided unwanted protection of Sunni civilians and made sure Assad’s Air Force could concentrate on stepped up air attacks against Sunnis civilians and homes via his air only campaign against ISIS.

    Yesterday the Obama-Assad Genocide Regime used new Putin weapons in Nawa (first link) and engaged in a merciless campaign to kill everyone in Duma (second link).

    In Syria, the Great Appeaser has two key goals. First, to force rebels to the table and impose a deal cooked up with Putin. Secondly, to preserve the Iranian aggressive and sectarian empire in the Eastern Mediterranean over Sunnis.

    Putin will provide Khamenei with even greater assistance should the Iranian people seek to dump the present corrupt and brutal mullocracy. If Obama is still around, Iranians will get knifed in the back. As in the Ukraine and Syria, his policy goes “Only the Bad Guys should provide weapons in such conflicts while we do nothing to give innocents a chance.”


  2. #6: To save his economy, Belarus’ Lushenko dismisses most of his government.

    He is also tired of selling mainly trucks, tractors, industrial machinery and food products to Russia and getting paid in monopoly money (rubles). “From now on Putin must pay in dollars or Euros,” he says.

    #7: Oil declines amid stronger dollar, crude oversupply in U.S. & that’s bad for Genocide Regime

    How long can Putin and Iran continue to supply him? If Obama, famed for appeasement(see chemical weapons con job, 5-for-1 Afghan deal) gets his way, sanctions could go at anytime.–finance.html

    #8: TOLD YOU SO!

    A few days ago wrote about how democracies which rely on proportional representation rather than a plurality electoral actually make things easier for extremism in a crisis. That makes the system a terrible idea for places with sectarian and ethnic divisions.

    Along those lines, the following article from the NY takes note of exactly the sort of trends I fear as the European economy stagnates (but remains a paradise compared to oil-“rich” Russia.

    EXCERPT: Sweden, no longer exceptional, now has the same problem as almost every other European country. As populists gain electoral support, traditional center-left or center-right governments have lost their majorities.

    OBSERVATION: The USA, because of its plurality system, has never had to resort to coalition governments and has never been forced to invite in extremists to meet the 50% plus margin required to form a government. It never will have such a lead.

    Those who argue that the USA has been immune because of cultural exceptionalism have things backwards and provide no evidence to support that thesis. The plurality electoral system is the key. If you want to see a real example of cultural/ historical exceptionalism, look to Britain as one of the few countries to get through the thirties without either a weak broad front government or a replacement of democracy with fascism.

    • 9. For an excellent discussion of poisonous sectarianism, see the link below. As I watch and listen to this, it only confirms to me that DEMOCRACY WON’T SOLVE THE PROBLEM so long as it relies on an electoral system which invites and encourages people to line up on sectarian lines.

      Democracy is potentially the best solution but only if is is so engineered as to encourage people to line up along other lines, more important than one’s sect. A plurality system is far, far more likely to do that. Indisputably, Hitler would not got into the German government in 1933 with eight percent of the vote if Germany had a plurality system. Milosevic, with three times that support, would have had difficulty as well. He MIGHT have won but only if he substantially broadened his appeal and the only way to do so is to take a less extreme position. You can’t afford to appeal only to one limited support base in a plurality system. To do so is politically fatal. In a proportional rep system, why not?


      In the Waer area of Damscus, the GENOCIDE REGIME is burning people alive. Today the regime dropped incendiary bombs,reports Paradozy.

      In Aleppo activists it has employed white phosphorus which basically consumes people from inside if it enters the circulatory ststem. Once it gets on skin, you can’t put it out with water.

      More than 14 civilians, mainly women and children were murdered by Assad’s barrel bombs in Douma today. Did Obama celebrate with a glass of win? Does he adorn his bedroom walls with photos of such victims?

      About an hour ago, Assad lauchned a new chlorine attack in Jobar. Seven victims so far. President Chamberlain–er, Obama the Radicalizer– must be doing handstands of joy.

      • In the above video one of the speakers (J Landis,) claims that there is not a single Sunni mosque in Tehran and that there is not a single Shiite mosque in Mekka. If this is how the religious groups in the Middle East generally feel about each other then perhaps Syria should be split into two countries. The UN should step in boldly and grant the Alawites/Shiites about 15% of the country (perhaps centered around Latakia) and award the rest of the country to the Sunnis. (Wouldn’t know what to do with the other minorities though.) If there are any dissenters /transgressors then the bombs should rain down on them.It may be considered a brutal solution but perhaps the end justifies the means.

        • Why do you think the warring sides in Syria would take any notice of the United Nations ?

          A UN partition plan for Syria would be treated in the same way as its plan for Palestine in 1948.

  3. #11. Four rebel groups have merged to strengthen the southern front and form an ops room in east Daraa.–Paradoxy.


    Supposedly and maybe (always key qualifiers in Obama’s case) the Hesitation President is about to arm less extreme rebels in ]the north. We’ve heard that before. This “promise” comes after he allowed them to arrive at death’s door and now fearful of ISIS and JAN gains in consequence.

    Obama’s anti-stitch in time philosophy almost allowed ISIS a huge victory in Kobane where he barely woke up at the last minute. Consequently in stead of enjoying that victory and massacring and enslaving thousands, ISIS is in its hundredth day there and getting nowhere.

    Obama’s generals have been trying to convince the dimwitted president for the longest time that we needed moderate rebels to serve as boots on the ground. “Who?” replied the Back Stabber, “those farmers and incompetents” ignoring the fact that most rebels had military experience–more so than American revolutionaries in 1776 and that his own dilly-dallying and backstabbing helped more than anything to keep them crippled and divided. Now once again, he hopes to salvage a situation he helped fester at the last minute.


    Liwa Sayed al-Shuhada confirms the regime has evacuated Hama Military Airbase says Paradoxy.


    JAN says it killed more than 30 regime and Hezbollah thugs in an ambush on the Abu al-SHamat road.

    #15: From Foreign Affairs Quarterly


    As I’ve noted elsewhere, they have a far easier time pulling it off where proportional representation systems work in their favor. That system invites extremists to help themselves.


    The chart below shows mounting totals as the months pass. I believe it includes KIAs and not desertions, defections or disabling injuries. Throw those in and the figures could be much higher.


    The SAA and militias combined have lost almost 20,000 fighters with a few days left to go in 2014. My guess is that at least 60% of the dead are Alawite males. Rebels have a much easier time replacing losses. I’d love to see an ISIS chart since the US intervened. It’s losses are likely highest of all. Syria has not turned out to be the paradise internet propaganda has promised would be suckers.

    Foreign fighters have only lost 2,000 but flattened out bur might be much higher if not for having to deal with ISIS in Iraq. As the regime becomes more dependent on mercenaries and Iranians do fill in holes in the ranks, foreign losses may mount again–assuming Iran can continue to pay for those troops. If not, th regime’s manpower gap is likely to be worse than ever, and problems aggravated by further neutralization of airports.

    Salaries of Assad troops have already been cut which should reduce Genocide Army morale further. Press gangs are everywhere as resistance to conscription mounts, even among Alawites.

    Barring regime collapse, losses among all three groups should be greater next year while the rebels have a far easier time replacing losses due to the regime’s massive unpopularity and narrow support base.

    #17. FSA CHIEFS TO WHITE HOUSE: Eliminating Assad’s Genocide Regime–not ISIS–Must & Will Remain Top Rebel Priority.

    LOGICAL COROLLARY: Until the Assad Regime goes, rebels will be pre-occupied with the most imminant and serious threat, meaning they’ll have little time for ISIS.

    How can Obama, Suzie, Kerry, etc. not grasp the hatred and needs of the rebels when it comes to the Genocide Regime? How can they not grasp why no one trusts any promise from that quarter? No justice. No peace.

    Is Obama sane? Is Suzy sane? Why should the rebels drop everything to help out the guy who shafted them at every turn and whose inaction helped ISIS become so powerful.

    Meanwhile Obama’s sacred cow Genocide Regime continues to attack rebels and kill as many Sunni civilians as possible. Meanwhile if he needs ground troops to do the job Obame will have to send thousands of Americans. Only when Assad is gone can rebels help and by then they may be too radicalized by his betrayals.

  6. North Korea calls Obama a monkey.

    Kim Jong Un just take a number and get in the back of the line because no one could disrespect or slander the President of the United States with anything worse than what some Americans have called him on a daily basis, since before taking office. He has been accused of and blamed for everything from under the sun, nothing new about it!

    • BILL: North Korea comment is racist as are those of many Obama critics on the far right, like the birthers. Let’s not try to confuse that sort of thing with my policy based descriptions which, however sarcastic, bite because they are dead so dead on accurate and descriptive.

      Which does NOT fit: His Hesitancy? His Impotency? Neville Chamberlain the second? His Incompetency? The Great Appeaser? The Great Backstabber, President Red Line? Khamenei’s stooge, etc.?

      All such descriptions, however sarcastic, are earned. I’m not into that old fashioned, “He’s our president so we should respect him and obey authority no matter what? This gutless, insular man and his political and ideological based decisions have caused and continue to cause so much that might have been avoided if he had guts or an open mind. Why should I respect that? Tens of thousands of people have died and continued to die from Assad’s barrel and chemical bombs in Syria or suffer rape and torture at the hands of either ISIS or Assad because of totally stupid, cowardly decisions made either for domestic political concerns or because of rigid and insular ideology centered on courting the un-courtable. Shame on him. He deserves no sympathy.

      The Ukrainians are Obama’s victims too because, as most experts agree, it was Obama’s behavior in Syria (especially the chemical weapons backdown that convinced Putin he could get away with it. He wouldn’t have tried it with a Truman or Reagan. In his own way, Obama is as much a MASS MURDERER as Assad, Khamenei or Al Baghdadi–an anti-Good Samaritan if there ever was one. So NO, he gets no respect here.

      Why is it that most of the military and 90% of foreign affairs and military analysts, plus virtually all rebels, plus most allies, plus our enemies as well have contempt for Obama? Are they all wrong or is the stubborn Obama? Their criticism, unlike mine, may be couched in more polite academic terms instead of deeply earned sarcasm but it is just as severe.

      Obama’s LIE from the very beginning is that he “had no good choices” and “all options were equally bad.” The truth is he didn’t want to hear other options because he had a closed, dogma-driven insular mind. Do you really believe Petreus, Hillary, Gates, Panetta, Ford, Hof, etc. are all “conservative neocons?” Do you really believe Suzy, Denis, Val, Tony compare the former in wisdom? Are you really going to claim that Obama’s “Stich in time never saves nine” approach has been a Killer.

      • Oops did I touch a raw nerve? Must have as seen in your lenghty reply. Your daily Obama bashing and cute/clever nicknames you give the president are annoying at best. Are you trying to persuede everyone to hate Obama as much as you do? If that is your intention then you are on the right track because one of the most effective propaganda tools is to keep repeating a word or phrase over and over until your goal is reached. You have no respect for the people on this forum who’s opinion of Obama differs from yours. So go ahead with your I hate Obama rants and raves if it makes you feel better.

        • I must agree that, while RT’s reports on Syria are good, his constant bashing of Obama has become so tedious that I seldom read his posts now.

          It would be better if the word “Obama” disappeared from his posts.


    Having views 180 degrees different from Obama and Co. is not showing disrespect–no more than just criticism of Erdogan’s authoritarian tendencies is “slander.” By such logic, all of the following have been immune to biting criticism: Neville Chamberlain, Erdogan, Louis XVI, the Inquisition or the Nixon of Watergate and the HUAC. I voted for Obama twice and apologize for that. My grievances are not based on where Obama was born, his skin color or how he parts his hair. What ticks me off is his incompetence, his lethargy, his betrayals and his mendacity. In 2012 this man lied to us by deliberately concealed what he intended. Ever since he has wreaked havoc as he put Appeasement Theory101 into practice.

    This is a man who bases foreign policy decisions based on gut instincts, rigid forumulas and clichés oft summarized in one sentence–a man who has sacrificed the Syrian people, American national security and that of our allies to theory. Intentionally or not, Obama continues to aid and abet mass murder and has done at least as much as Assad himself to promote the radicalization and sectarianism. Compounding the crime, Obama then has the chuzpah to blame his failures on others, like the rebels who he repeatedly mocked, crippled and betrayed, or like the CIA who failed to inform him (a boldfaced lie) about the growing ISIS threat. Obama could have learned as much from EA, twitter. Was he asleep when he informed us confidently that “ISIS is no more a threat than a high school JV team. My critics exaggerate.?”

    Fatal tendencies continue even now. As Khamenei responds to Obama’s appeasement with military bluster and claims that “America is behind ISIS” White House Policy appears to be: “Just a few more giveaways and we’ll win Khamenei over,” Suppose we don’t. Obama actually seems to believe that Rouhaini (not Jannati, Ahmad Khatemi and Khamenei) are “the real power” in Iran. Why? Because Obama’s operating theories require it. When generals tell him “you can’t defeat ISIS without rebel help on the ground” or “the key to defeating ISIS is removing the Assad Regime” Obama merely snickers. The Man with a Closed Mind has a solid history of allowing things to fester until they become much worse.

    RE: “one of the most effective propaganda tools is to keep repeating a word or phrase over and over until your goal is reached.

    I prefer Voltaire to Gobbels. Both used repetition but the first to expose wrongdoing and the second to conceal it. Where the king has no clothes, someone needs to point it out. I have no interest in lying or propagandizing. I use satire to address the ugly consequences of Obama’s incompetence. So much death and suffering can be tracked back to this man. So many threats would not exist today if not for for the blunders of “President No Learn.”

    In the past I’ve noted I’ve contrasted Obama’s stubbornness persistence in mistakes to JFK after the Bay of Pigs and in George Bush in his second term. Where Bush changed and attempted to undo the damage, Obama maximized the latter via a mindless withdrawal pledge. Warned of the consequences, he pooh poohed all good advice as usual. Obama has played the anti-“Good Samaritan,” in many ways helping Assad stomp people who are down. Those people will remember and Amerian and the West will suffer the consequences.

    • And the Obama bashing continues unabated.
      Good grief man you must have been up into the wee hours of the morning writting another lengthy diatribe justifying your intense hatred of the president.

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