• It is impossible that Assad’s major allies (Nasrallah, Khamenei and Nasrallah) did not know of and endorse this attack in advance. Hezbollah would have to know out of sheer self-protection, which means the Supreme Leader would also be informed in advance. As for Putin, he has enthusiastically supported genocideal campaigns against muslims on four occasions now: Bosnia, Kosovo, Chechnya and Syria. Thus, no problem.

      The White House and US foreign policy is under the control of a hopeless paralytic. Obama conned Arabs just as he conned those of us who voted for him. I used to get upse over bumper stickers referring o O-Dumbo. Now I have to admit they were right if for the wrong reasons. No one imagined the man was such a coward or so lacking in insight.

      In this case Obama functioned as Accomplice by Negligence. If the man had any shame, he’d resign. Even then, his lack of foresight would hamper an a US response for weeks. Aware Assad was a total psycho, Obama should have anticipated this sort of behavior and dispatched a fleet long ago just in case. Now it will take weeks to get there.

      I suspect Assad plans more of the same with nothing to stop him until then. The only nation with reasonable capacity is Israel, a long-time enemy of Hezbollah and Khamenei whose offenses against Arabs now look miniscule by comparison. Will Arabs ask for such help? What assurances would Israel ask in return?

      I’ve raised some of these points in the lead to my Syria Roundup.


      For anyone interested in a follow up to my recent post concerning rebel strategy in Damascus, I’ve added a subpost containing six more good reasons for besieging Damascus rather than assaulting it which seems to be what they had in mind and what pessimists overlooked. This move was the only way to prevent that, but to be effective more such attacks will be needed. I hope rebels can hold on in Jobar and East Ghouta in the meantime.


  1. Total dead now tops 1,000 say some internet reports.

    Repubicans will read today’s massive crime as an act of contempt for Obama, Assad’s complete confidence in the man’s cowardice. For once, I can’t blame them.

    Please resign, Mr President. Have you no shame?

    • cover ups and excuses already started

      CNN: NEW: The U.S. can’t officially confirm a chemical weapons attack, an official said


    The chairman of the Joint Chief of Staffs says the US cannot back rebels…because they would not support American interest. t:

    CRITICAL EXCERPT: Effectively ruling out U.S. cruise missile attacks and other options that wouldn’t require U.S. troops on the ground, Dempsey said the military is clearly capable of taking out…Assad’s air force and shifting the balance….but….

    In other words Obama never seriously intended enforce his Infamous “Red Line” no matter what Assad did. Dempsey’s views and Obama’s inclinations match so perfectly the guy has Svengali-like influence or Obama simply prefers “yes men.”


    DRAMATIC VIDEO: At 3: 11 am a tearful doctor reports his friends and medical staff are dead.


    On Paradoxy’s site, someone asks whether it is possible for a non-muslim to go on jihad. Many non-muslims are pumped tonight. Even the 47th who is an old Vietnam vet and in poor health wishes he could go.

    Aura writes: “THIS IS IT! Intervention now or Assad will be free to use all CW (biological and dirty bomb.”

    Reports that chemical attacks occurred in many places at once strengthens my contention that Hezbollah would be informed which means Khamenei and Putin knew in advance too.

  3. Has EA seen anything on how the Iranian state media and Russian media are treating the attack?

    In a new subpost to my Syria roundup (see link elsewhere but give it time to post) I suggest dramatic tactics by which Syrian demonstrators can attract serious media to their plight by exposing behavior that certain political leaders would prefer to downplay:

    1. Obama’s cowardice and its backfire consequences for America.

    2. The powerful role of Nasrallah, Khamenei and Putin in aiding and abetting a War on Sunnis. Strong attention to this adds to potential backfire consequences.

    If there’s two things every foreign leader has learned about Obama, they are: 1) His promises are not worth a damn, and 2) His threats can be ignored. Why should a guy who buys designer clothes for his wife, lives in a historic building and enjoys gourmet meals daily give a fig about Syrians?

    • Red Tornadoes,

      As you would imagine, Interfax and Russia Today have taken a pro-Assad line on the attacks, reflecting Moscow’s line.


      • AFP – Israeli Defence Minister Moshe Yaalon said on Wednesday that the Syrian government had used chemical weapons, backing opposition claims of multiple deadly strikes around Damascus.

        “In Syria, the regime has used chemical weapons and it’s not the first time,” Yaalon told Israeli defence correspondents.

        “Israel speaks the truth”

  4. The infant boy who dies in one of these videos — and let there be no mistake, he is alive in the beginning, and the CPR administered to him is bound to be futile under those conditions — he matches my daughter’s age.I don;t have much else to say.

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