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Supreme Court Grants Trump Limited — But Not Absolute — Immunity Over 2021 Coup Attempt

I joined BBC Radio Ulster’s William Crawley on Tuesday to explain how the Supreme Court’s six conservative Justices — three of them appointed by Donald Trump — have put him above the law and beyond accountability.

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On Monday, the Court’s 6-3 decision proclaimed immunity for Trump’s “official” acts, even if they might be criminal or were part of his attempted coup to overturn the 2020 Presidential election.

While the Court said Trump could still be prosecuted for “unofficial” acts, it referred the four-count felony indictment from Special Prosecutor Jack Smith to a US District Court for consideration. At the very least, the ruling will push any trial beyond November’s Presidential election — precisely the outcome that the Trump camp has been seeking for months.

The other contributors are Trumpist activist Greg Swenson and Kristin Kaplan Wolfe, the Deputy Chair of Democrats Abroad UK.