Gazans gather in front of demolished homes in the Nuseirat refugee camp after Israeli attacks, June 8, 2024 (Omar Ashtawy/APA)

EA on India’s WION and Ireland’s Tonight Show: Israel Kills 100s in Central Gaza, Including in a UN Shelter

I joined Al Jazeera English’s Inside Story on Sunday to analyze the latest developments in Gaza, including the “exchange” of four rescued Israeli hostages in return for at least 274 slain Gazans.

The other panellists are Gershon Baskin, an Israeli columnist, social and political activist, and former hostage negotiator, and Palestinian lawyer Mohammad Dahleh.

We consider why the Biden Administration is still giving Israel political space for the mass killings, and how the international community may isolate Israel in the long run.

But for now, any hope of an end to the violence appears to lie with Israeli opposition leader Benny Gantz. Will his departure from the War Cabinet, and the public response to it, make a difference?