Donald Trump and US President Joe Biden during a Presidential debate, June 27, 2024, in Atlanta, Georgia (Gerald Herbert/AP)


I joined GB News on Saturday to consider the threat to the US — “Pray from America” — from the combination of Joe Biden’s frailty and the lies, crimes, and wannabe autocracy of Donald Trump.

If Joe Biden can’t campaign effectively, you may have a man coming into the White House who has said that on Day 1, he will act like a dictator, will seek retribution against his “enemies”, will cut all aid to Ukraine against the aggression of Russia and his friend Vladimir Putin, and who could possibly pull the US out of NATO.


EA’s David Dunn joined GB News on Thursday to consider whether Democrats will pursue the option of replacing Joe Biden as their candidate before November’s election.

I suspect senior Democrats are commissioning opinion polls to show whether, after this performance, Biden would lose to Trump. Simultaneously, they will commission opinion polls looking at the prospects of [Vice President] Kamala Harris and others, including state governors.

Those polls will then be presented to Biden and his wife Jill, and the case will be made that, for the good of the party and the good of the nation, Biden should step aside.


I joined South Africa’s national radio station SAfm on Thursday to analyze further the implications of the disastrous debate between Joe Biden and Donald Trump.

We discuss how to approach responsibility the question of age in a Presidential election, beginning with competence, as well as the vital issues.

I am fearful for America because I think rather than discussing the issues, rather than discussing the records of the Trump and Biden Administrations, the American media are going to be pulled into an incessant narrative about “Old Joe” — focusing on the age and mental state of Joe Biden while ignoring the age and mental state of Donald Trump.

Asked “who’s the right candidate for America right now”, I respond, “Neither one of them” — but I emphasize that the threat of Trump breaking the US system is far greater than that of Biden’s re-election: “You don’t just vote for a person, but for an Administration, and I would go for the more secure option.”

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ORIGINAL ENTRY, JUNE 28: I joined international radio and TV outlets on Friday to analyze the multiple disasters from the first debate between US President Joe Biden and Donald Trump.

I evaluate the combination of a poor presentation by Biden; a convicted felon/sex abuser/fraudster/coup plotter lying from start to finish; and a US media which will likely set aside critical issues for a focus on the age and mental state of Biden, but not the age and mental state of Trump.

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I began the morning, just after watching the debate, with a full-and-frank reflection with Rosie Wright.

Joe Biden looked almost stunned at times by the volume of lies from Trump. I think CNN made a grave mistake by not fact-checking both men in real time.

I just don’t know what can be done now because America runs on soundbites, quick reactions, and clickbait.

In this type of horse race politics, nobody “won” — especially not Americans and the rest of us.

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I speak further with Eleanor Oldroyd about the toxic outcome of the debate, with the damage to dialogue and the US political system.

I also consider whether it is possible, at this late stage in the campaign, for the Democrats to replace Biden as their candidate.

America now faces a choice between a President who appeared frail and a man who has said, that from Day 1 if he takes office, he will act like a dictator and exact retribution upon his “enemies”.

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In a 16-minute panel, I set out the issues before taking on the disinformation of Trumpist activist Greg Swenson. Professor Natasha Lindstaedt of the University of Essex provides valuable analysis, reinforcing the threat of Trump’s lies and distractions.

When Greg Swenson speaks falsely about inflation, he probably knows that it has been coming down month on month for well over a year. He probably know that what Trump said about immigration — that millions are flooding the US and committing crimes — is a scare tactic and untrue.

Greg, in that reasonable way, excuses Trump’s lies and then magnifies them.

I also talk about the global implications.

With regret, I think it is vital, given how dysfunctional the American system is, that we here in Ireland and in Europe need to make preparations for our security and for the welfare of those across this continent — anticipating that the challenges to come will be from a former ally, the United States.

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David McCann of Ulster University and I join William Crawley in a deep-dive analysis of the “car crash”, its significance, and the option of replacing Biden. Then we return to the danger of Trump.

Hundreds of thousands of Americans may have died unnecessarily because of this man during COVID. He benefitted those at the top of economic ladder and very few below them. Through his rhetoric, he has not encouraged inclusion but has condemned many.

He put his interests above the nation’s to collaborate with a foreign power to get into office and who collaborated with that power — one which is now invading Ukraine — while he was in office.

This is a man who was convicted of 34 felonies in a serious abuse of power. And this is a man who staged a coup in 2021 to try and hold office illegally.