Aftermath of Russia’s missile strikes on a lakeside resort in the Kharkiv region in northeast Ukraine, May 19, 2024 (Yahoo News)

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Map: Institute for the Study of War


The latest Russian attacks on southern Ukraine have killed one person in the Kherson region and injured a 72-year-old man.

In the Zaporizhzhia region, a man was slain by Russian shelling of the village of Stepnogirsk.


Ukrainian defenders are still resisting the 11-day Russian offensive on Vovchansk in the Kharkiv region, holding about 60% of the border town.

Deputy Kharkiv Governor Roman Semenukha said on national TV, “The assaults do not stop.”


Addressing the Ukraine Defense Support Group, US Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin has noted that Russian forces will try to make further advances in forthcoming weeks in the Kharkiv region in northeast Ukraine, seeking a “buffer zone” along the border.

“This is a hard and dangerous fight but Ukraine’s defenders are showing extraordinary courage and skill,” Austin said. “And they are putting the capabilities that this contact group has provided to good use.”

Austin noted the resumption of US military aid after Congress overcame a 6 1/2-month blockade by Trumpists and hard-right Republicans. He said the US will continue to approve “substantial” security assistance packages, drawing from the $60.8 billion in authorization, with a “steady flow” of aid to Kyiv “week after week”.

ORIGINAL ENTRY: At least 11 civilians, including a pregnant woman, were killed and 27 wounded in a “double” Russian strike on a lakeside resort in the Kharkiv region in northeast Ukraine on Sunday.

The Russians killed six people in the initial attack with an Iskander ballistic missile. A second Iskander strike 20 minutes later targeted first responders. A paramedic is among the wounded, and an ambulance was damaged.

An injured 8-year-old girl is in stable condition, and a man who was fishing near the site is still missing.

The strike was on Mala Danylivka, around 70 km (43 miles) southwest of the frontline, at about 11 a.m.

“There were never any soldiers here,” said Yaroslav Trofimko, a police inspector who was among the targeted first responders.

Elsewhere in Kharkiv, three men and two women were killed and nine injured in Russian rocket attacks on the villages of Novoosynove and Kivsharivka in the Kupyansk district.

In the border town of Vovchansk, the target of a 10-day Russian offensive, one person was slain and three injured.

Ukraine President Volodymyr Zelenskiy posted a video of the aftermath of the Mala Danylivka double strike and commented:

The world can put an end to Russian terror. To achieve this, the lack of political will among leaders must be overcome. Two Patriots for Kharkiv will fundamentally change the situation. Air defense systems in our other cities, as well as sufficient support for our warriors on the frontlines, will ensure the defeat of Russian terror.