International Criminal Court chief prosecutor Karim Khan (Sabah Arar/AFP)

The International Criminal Court’s chief prosecutor, Karim Khan, has applied for arrest warrants for Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, Defense Minister Yoav Gallant, and Hamas leaders Yahya Sinwar, Mohammed Dief, and Ismail Haniyeh.

I spoke with Dublin NewsTalk on Tuesday morning to explain the process, with judges now considering the prosecutor’s request. I discuss the international response, with some countries — notably US President Joe Biden — backing Netanyahu — and others supporting the ICC. And, perhaps most importantly, I look at the effect on Israeli politics and the “open-ended” war in Gaza.

It’s significant that the ICC prosecutor named Benjamin Netanyahu and Yoav Gallant for possible war crimes but did not name the third member of the War Cabinet, Benny Gantz — perhaps giving Gantz some political space for his ultimatum to Netanyahu for a blueprint to end the war.