Students at Texas A&M University in a pro-Palestine demonstration, April 23, 2024 (Meredith Seaver/College Station Eagle)

From Ireland to the US: Gaza, Protests, and Nancy Pelosi

I joined BBC Radio Scotland on Thursday to analyze US university protests over Israel’s open-ended war in Gaza and the possible effect on American politics and the 2024 Presidential election.

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I explain how the protests are not just about Israel’s military operations — with about 35,000 in Gaza killed since October 7, and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu threatening an invasion of Rafah where up to 1.5 million Gazans are sheltering — but also about the Biden Administration allowing the Israelis enough political space to continue.

Then I explain how the assault, if it continues into the autumn and if the Administration does not stand against it, could damage US President Joe Biden’s chances of re-election.

I think the red line — if there is a red line that could finally force the Biden Administration to limit military supplies to Israel and say operations are unacceptable — is if Netanyahu demands and gets an invasion of Rafah.