The vehicle of the World Central Kitchen hit by an Israeli airstrike in Gaza, killing 7 humanitarian personnel, April 2, 2024 (AFP)

I joined international outlets on Tuesday to analyze Israel’s latest attacks from Gaza to Syria.

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The chat with Beverley O’Connor begins with an Israeli strike killing 7 aid workers of World Central Kitchen in Gaza. I explain how this is only the latest slaying of humanitarian staff in Israel’s open-ended war, in which almost 33,000 Gazans have been killed and thousands are missing.

When Israel is carrying out strikes in one of the most densely-populated areas of the world, even if they are aiming at supposed bad guys, there will be civilians in the area.

There is no place in Gaza safe from these types of airstrikes. If aid workers are risking their lives to try and get help to Gazans, Israel is not going to suspend its operations.

Then I discuss the significance of Israel’s first strike on Iranian territory inside Syria, with Iran’s top commander in Damascus and two other generals among the dead in the destroyed consular building next to the Iranian Embassy.

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I also discussed the Israeli attack on the Iranian commanders with France 24 English — an extract from the conversation:

Israel has been shifting from attacks on Iranian missiles and weapons, which have been going on for more than a decade in Syria, to attacks on personnel.

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I outline to Shane Coleman the significance of Israel’s targeted assassinations of senior Iranian personnel and explain why Iran’s options to respond are limited.

The Israelis are killing Iranian officers on a regular basis, not just as a one-off, and telling the Iranians, “Look, we can get whomever you send to this country.”….

I don’t think we are looking at a direct war. Instead, in n “indirect war”, each side is going to try and hit personnel who are outside the other’s country. Right now, Israel is far more effective than Iran in doing so.