Destruction in Gaza from Israeli attacks, March 2024 (NBC)

I joined Claire Byrne on Ireland’s RTE Radio 1 on Tuesday to analyze the latest in Israel’s “open-ended”, 5-month assault on Gaza.

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Following a report by Sky News’s Alistair Bunkall, I discuss the imminent arrival of the first “aid ship”, with 200 tons of provisions, organized by Spanish and US charities.

While any assistance is vital, I point out the limits of this operation. Only 4% of the daily, basic needs of Gazans before October 7, the aid may reach the coast — but how can it distributed inland?

That brings up the wider issue of Israel’s military operations, with more than 30,000 Gazans killed and more than 2 million at risk.

While this is an important initiative, it’s a symbolic move against the reality of an Israeli veto on most of the aid going into Gaza.

Is there any prospect of a ceasefire? I analyze the latest US tactic — isolating Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu within the War Cabinet — and whether it has any prospect of success.

What the US is *not* going to do is cut military aid to Israel. What they are trying to do, along with the British, is isolate Netanyahu.

They have spoken with one of the two War Cabinet members, Benny Gantz. But can they influence Defense Minister Yoav Gallant?