A man stands atop a Russian tank and flies the Ukrainian flag, defying the Russian occupation of Kherson in southern Ukraine, March 2022

In a 55-minute special, I speak with Jonathan Fink’s Silicon Curtain about the state of Ukraine’s resistance of Russia’s invasion, what to expect in coming months, and why support of Kyiv is vital.

I begin with the reminder that — given many analysts, including me, expected to Kyiv within days to the invasion of February 2022 — Ukraine still stands and is fighting back with strikes deep inside Russian-occupied Crimea and Russia itself.

I recount the failures of Vladimir Putin — his “battlefield war”, his “food war”, and his “energy war” — and turn to his next, perhaps last, chance to salvage his goal of conquering Ukraine: an “information war” trying to break international support for Kyiv.

I explain how that effort has been checked by the European Union, backing down Putin’s ally Viktor Orb├ín of Hungary. However, it could triumph in the US, thanking to Republicans in Congress and Donald Trump.

I conclude with a heart-felt appeal to those who support the Kremlin’s narrative and those who would sacrifice Ukrainians.