Gazans displaced by Israel’s attacks (Reuters)

I joined Claire Byrne on Ireland’s RTE Radio 1 on Friday to analyze both Israel’s open-ended military operations in Gaza and Donald Trump’s invitation to Russia to attack America’s NATO allies.

I am preceded by Karol Balfe of ActionAid Ireland, who speaks about the challenges to the organization’s activities in Gaza because of Israel’s attacks and restrictions on humanitarian assistance.

Listen to Discussion from 4:54

Regarding the statements by Biden and other US officials, talk is cheap. The Americans have asked the Israelis for months to limit operations and protect civilian lives, and the Israelis have kept advancing and expanding their operations.

Unless the Americans back up their words with substantive actions, such as cutting military assistance, Prime Minister Netanyahu and the War Cabinet can shrug them off.

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And on Trump and NATO:

There’s nothing new in Trump saying America — or, rather, Trump — should go it alone. What is different is his being so explicit in welcoming an attack by Russia on one of America’s allies.

That’s a situation that hasn’t been faced in the 75 years of NATO’s existence.

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