I joined the UK’s Times Radio and Talk TV on Wednesday to push back on the weekend comment of US President Joe Biden that a ceasefire is “close” in Israel’s mass killings in Gaza.

I explain why Biden’s remark doesn’t match the current positions of both Israel’s War Cabinet and Gaza’s Hamas because of a fundamental tension: Hamas’s demand for complete withdrawal of Israeli forces v. Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s demand for “absolute victory” with the elimination of the Gazan organization.

I consider how the US, despite chiding Israel over the extent of its operations and killings of civilians, is refusing to use its leverage to check the attacks. And I look at an American effort to get out of the deadly impasse by going around Netanyahu to other Israeli leaders.

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I chat with Stig Abell about the signifance for US elections if there is no ceasefire by autumn, Biden’s approach to the Middle East, and the political situation in Israel and Gaza.

We don’t get a ceasefire until two things happen: Hamas is contained in Gaza and Benjamin Netanyahu, either now or very soon, is out of power in Israel.

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