Joe Biden at a White House press conference, February 8, 2024 (Fox)


I joined Times Radio on Sunday morning to explain the 25th Amendment, setting out the process for replacement of the President in case of death, resignation, or incapacitation.

Could it be invoked for either Joe Biden or Donald Trump?

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David Dunn joins Times Radio’s Alexis Conran to discover the political situation around Joe Biden and Donald Trump, and whether there should be an upper age limit for the office of US President.

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More than 75% of the population in America don’t want the choice to be between Trump and Biden in November because both are regarded as flawed candidates for different reasons.


I spoke further with BBC Radio Scotland on Saturday about malpractice, both by the Special Counsel and by media, in the portrayal of Joe Biden, classified documents, and “memory”.

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I summarize the facts about the report, with its one paragraph out of 388 pages on Biden’s alleged “poor memory”. I analyze how most of the media, apparently failing to read the report, has run with that narrative.

The Special Counsel made a political intervention. The media is talking about the effect of that intervention, rather than about the substance of the report.

The media has been led by the intervention and, of course, by the Trump camp to go on and on about Biden’s supposed mental incapacity — while paying no attention to the repeated, frequent lapses of Donald Trump.

I juxtapose that with the context of Biden’s background, his record as President, and his forceful reply in his press conference after the report’s release.


EA’s David Dunn takes apart the attempt of hard-right UK outlet GB News to tear down Joe Biden, skilfully focusing the discussion on the danger of Donald Trump.

Unhinged is a much worse situation than having a few confusions over the names of world leaders.

In terms of their capacity to be President, most people would say the greater risk is the election of Donald Trump.

The analysis is so effective that a rattled GB News labelled Dunn as a “Woke Professor” in its YouTube video.

ORIGINAL ENTRY: I joined Irish and British outlets on Friday to analyze the serious failures by both Special Counsel Robert Hur and the media over President Joe Biden, his handling of classified documents, and his mental capacity.

I take apart Hur’s declaration of Biden’s “poor memory” as an unwarranted political intervention, both diverting from the legal substance of the 388-page report — that there is insufficient evidence to file a criminal charge against Biden — and exaggerating and distorting the facts.

Then I look at most media outlets being led by the nose, by Hur and the attack lines of Donald Trump’s camp, to magnify the “white noise” at the expense of the issues and credible analysis.

The takeaway? Once again, in the most serious election for American since 1865, the US system — with consequences for the world — is under serious strain.

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I am furious as an analyst at the Special Counsel for a political intervention that was unnecessary.

The media has piled on in a feeding frenzy that supposes Biden is mentally incompetent. If you watch the press conference in full, he is forceful and direct. He puts the Special Counsel’s report in context and points to the achievements of his first term, which have been significant with respect to domestic legislation and the address of foreign policy crises.

We’re dealing with the white noise over “Sleepy Joe” rather than the facts.

To drive home the point:

Let me ask you about a man who took a cognitive fitness test while he was President, who tweeted the single word “Covfefe”, who invented an African country named “Nambia”. Who was that man?

It wasn’t Joe Biden.

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I encountered the “white noise” problem in this appearance alongside a combative host, Jeremy Vine, and Republican activist Greg Swenson.

Vine tries to cut off any discussion of the legal and political situation to repeat the attack lines about Biden’s incapacity. Swenson stirs the pot by throwing out speculations about “early dementia”.