Photo: Ty O’Neil/SOPA/Lightrocket

I joined Political WorldView, in its special 75th podcast, to analyze 2024’s critical moment for America at home and abroad.

Political WorldView was founded as a partner of EA WorldView several years ago. So it was a privilege to rejoin host Adam Quinn in a 75-minute deep dive discussion, beginning with the US elections.

We consider the Republican contest and then the general election, ensuring that we break Donald Trump’s grip by evaluating issues and candidates in the most important vote for the US since 1865 — not just for the President but also for the Senate and House.

Part of this importance is in the prospect that a man who tried to hold power in a coup in 2021 might return to the White House by legal means in 2025. And part of it is in the significance for US foreign policy and international security.

So we evaluate the state of the Middle East, including the mass killings in Israel and Gaza; the position of Iran’s regime; and Ukraine’s ongoing resistance of Russian invasion.