EA on Al Jazeera English’s Inside Story and The Pat Kenny Show: Israel-Gaza — Will Watered-Down UN Resolution Stop The Killing?

As Israel announced a withdrawal of some of its forces from northern Gaza, I joined France 24 English on Tuesday to cast a sceptical eye over the declaration.

I note how the Israeli War Cabinet may be appeasing the Biden Administration, which has called for a fundamental change in Israel’s aerial and ground assault to limit civilian casualties, with a token redeployment.

I explain how the withdrawal is unlikely to change other Israeli tactics, notably widespread bombing, amid almost 22,000 killed in Gaza. I consider how Israel is continuing to severely restrict the humanitarian aid needed for a basic existence for the more than 2 million — 85% of the population — displaced.

And I contrast the tactics with a lack of strategy by the Israeli War Cabinet over an “endgame” regarding Hamas and the governance of Gaza.