Palestinians receive bags of flour at UN Relief and Works Agency distribution center in Rafah refugee camp in southern Gaza, November 21, 2023 (Said Khatib/AFP)

I joined India’s WION News on Sunday to analyze the revelation that up to 12 members of the UN Relief and Works Agency were involved in Hamas’ mass killings inside Israel on October 7 — and the Israeli response to cripple both UNRWA and UN efforts to assure aid and to halt military operations.

I set out the context that UNRWA had about 13,000 staff in Gaza. Of the 12 names provided by Israel, nine have been fired, one is dead, and the status of the other two is being established.

Meanwhile, Israel has succeeded in mobilizing suspension of funds to UNRWA by Australia, Canada, Italy, Germany, Finland, the Netherlands, Switzerland, the UK, and the US.

I explain the politics and the effect on more than 1.9 million Gazans — 85% of the population — who have been displaced since October 7.