The gallows set up by supporters of Donald Trump outside the US Capitol, January 6, 2021 ((Shay Horse/NurPhoto/Getty)

Maine Joins Colorado in Disqualifying Trump From 2024 Presidential Ballot

EA on BBC: Colorado Supreme Court Bars Trump From 2024 Ballot Over “Insurrection”


I joined GB News on Saturday to further explain the legal and political process around Donald Trump being removed from Republican primaries in Colorado and Maine — but remaining on the ballot in Michigan, Minnesota, and California.

The courts and State governments in all five cases agree that there is substantial evidence of Trump’s involvement in “insurrection”, as he tried to overturn the 2020 Presidential election. They differ on whether State courts and agencies have the authority to remove him from ballots — for now, pending the outcome of felony indictments linked to the insurrection.

ORIGINAL ENTRY, DEC 29: In the wake of Maine’s disqualification of Donald Trump from the 2024 ballot for the Republican Presidential nomination, I joined a series of UK outlets to analyze the ban — following that by the Colorado Supreme Court — over Trump’s insurrection before and during the Capitol Attack on January 6, 2021.

I explain the legal and political processes, likely to culminate in a hearing before the US Supreme Court. I consider the effect on the Republican contest, with Iowa’s January 15 caucuses followed by the primary in Maine’s neighbor New Hampshire on January 23.

And as always, I call on the media and analysts to avoid being led by Trump’s circus of lies and claim of victimhood, instead focusing on the issues — including Trump’s attempt to overthrow the US system — in the most important elections since 1865.

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If Nikki Haley runs a strong second in the New Hampshire primary, that could change the media’s narrative of Trump as the “heir apparent” for the Republican nomination.

So what effect will Maine’s decision have next door on voters in New Hampshire?

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The fundamental is not just Donald Trump v. the Republican Party. It is Donald Trump as part of the Republican Party within the US system, because Trump does not recognize the authority of anyone in the party or in the US system limiting his attempt to get back into the White House.

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I joined Georgina Godwin to discuss the wider issues around the 2024 election.

We are talking about the economy, women’s rights including abortion rights, LGBT rights, immigration, the status of health care, education, climate change.

When you add that one of the candidates is a man who tried to carry out a coup in 2021 to stay in the White House, who is facing 91 felony indictments in four criminal cases, you realize that this is an unprecedented situation.

And you realize the impact on global history when you talk about a moment where, during Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, that man — Donald Trump — would immediately cut all backing to Ukraine if he became President.

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Will Republican voters rally around Trump as the supposed victim, as he likes to portray himself? Or will they see him as increasingly, if not toxic, then detrimental to the party as he faces these legal issues as well as the ballot disqualifications?…

If you want to talk about the “swamp”, the swamp is when you try to overthrow the US system, when you try to overturn an election by fraudulently claiming it was rigged, when you possible incite people to attack the Capitol.

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I think not just Democratic voters but other voters at the end of the day say, “We’ve got really important issues in America.” Donald Trump is sucking all the oxygen out of the room over those issues because the Trump circus is the one where he’s the ringmaster.