Kiana and Ali Rahmani accept the Nobel Peace Prize on behalf of their mother Narges Mohammadi (Reuters)


Videos from the ceremony honoring Nobel Peace Prize laureate Narges Mohammadi, a political prisoner in Iran, on Sunday in Oslo….

The award, received by Mohammadi’s twin children Kiana and Ali Rahmani:

Kiana and Ali Rahmani deliver their mother’s speech, culminating, “I am confident that the light of freedom and justice will shine brightly on the land of Iran”:

Crowds in Oslo light a torch for Mohammadi and chant, “Women. Life. Freedom”:

ORIGINAL ENTRY, DEC 10: Accepting the Nobel Peace Prize on Sunday, human rights activist and political prisoner Narges Mohammadi has assured, “The Iranian people, with perseverance, will overcome repression and authoritarianism. Have no doubt, this is certain.”

Mohammadi, 51, the Vice President of the Center for Defenders of Human Rights, was awarded the Prize in October for her non-violent campaign “against oppression of women in Iran” and her promotion of human rights for all.

She has been detained for most of the period since 2010. She was returned in November 2021 to Tehran’s Evin Prison.

The activist was symbolically represented on stage at the ceremony in Oslo’s City Hall by her portrait and an empty chair. Her 17-year-old twins Kiana and Ali Rahmani collected the Nobel gold medal and diploma. The award also includes a check for 11 million Swedish crowns (about $1 million).

In her acceptance speech, sent from prison, Mohammadi said continued resistance and non-violence are the best strategies to ensure productive change.

She commented about the “Woman. Life. Freedom” protests, sparked in September 2022 by the death in police custody of Mahsa Amini, seized and reportedly beaten by “morality police” over “inapproriate attire”.

“We believe that the mandatory hijab imposed by the government is neither a religious obligation or a cultural tradition, but rather a means of maintaining control and submission throughout society,” Mohammadi said.

She continued, “The reality is that the Islamic Republic regime is at its lowest level of legitimacy and popular social support. Now is the time for international civil society to support Iranian civil society, and I will exert all my efforts in this regard.”