Men raise the body of a victim retrieved from the rubble of a house destroyed by Israeli bombing, Khan Younis, Gaza, December 4, 2023 (Yousef Masoud/New York Times)


EA’s David Dunn spoke with India’s WION News on Thursday about the revelation that the Israeli military was warned about Hamas’s plans to attack a music festival on October 7.

The Hamas assault killed 364 civilians and wounded many more. At least 40 hostages were taken.

They had the information. They just failed to analyze it properly, and it looks like they failed to share it with their leadership.


In a 15-minute discussion, I speak with the Pat Kenny Show about Israel’s military offensive in Gaza, taking apart Israeli propaganda to explain the threat to civilians.

I also evaluate the latest evidence of Hamas’s mass killing, kidnapping, and sexual violence on October 7, emphasizing that this is not an “either-or” situation: war crimes on both crimes must be called out.

I think the cold reality is that the Israeli leadership doesn’t care that it has lost the support of the international community. They made the decision that they are going to proceed even if they are internationally isolated.


I spoke further with France 24 on Tuesday about Israel’s renewal of air and ground attacks across Gaza.

I consider the consequences, beginning with the likelihood that thousands more civilians will be killed, adding to the current toll of about 16,000 people slain across the Strip since October 7.

The Israeli military has the token PR claim that it will identify small areas on maps where these civilians can go.

But of Gaza’s 2.3 million people, 1.8 million are now displaced. And communications are limited, if they do exist, across Gaza because of Israeli strikes. So people will not be able to see the orders to evacuate before the Israelis move in.

ORIGINAL ENTRY, DEC 5: I joined Irish media on Monday to analyze Israel’s deadly resumption of its bombing and ground assault in all of Gaza.

I spoke with RTE Radio 1’s Today with Claire in the morning about the renewal of the Israeli attacks from Friday, following a 7-day “humanitarian pause” in which some hostages held by Hamas were exchanged for women and children detained in Israeli prisons.

Listen to Discussion from 5:20

I explain, fully and frankly, that Israel’s claim to protect civilians in Gaza is incorrect. Instead, the Israelis — contrary to their statements in the first phase of their attacks — have extended the assault to the southern part of the Strip. “All civilians are expendable” in the effort to “destroy” Hamas, following the Gazan group’s mass killing of more than 1,000 Israeli civilians and foreign nationals on October 7.

I note the revelation that, even as senior US officials are emphasizing their exhortations for Israel to protect civilians, Washington has provided more than 15,000 bombs and 50,000 shells — including 100 “bunker busters” and more than 10,000 unguided bombs — to the Israelis.

The Israel War Cabinet have made their choice. They are not going to listen to anyone from the international community about limiting the operations.

But this report [from the Wall Street Journal] indicates the US is complicit in this.

On Monday night, I summarized the analysis for Virgin News Ireland: