I joined Poland’s TVP World on Monday to preview the week in global politics, from Egypt’s pseudo-elections for the authoritarian military rulers who seized power in 2013 to talks among the presidents of Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania about border security and Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

The other guest is political analyst Stephane Włodarczyk.

Watch from 17:26:

There is a specific issue for the Baltic States of border security, as Russia tries to push refugees and migrants into Finland.

The broader issue is that we are at a critical moment for Europe over the question of continuing support for Ukraine against the Russian invasion.

It has been clear from autumn 2022 that Russia was not going to win on the battlefield. The question is whether Vladimir Putin will win politically by breaking the will of the international community to support Ukraine.

We also chat about the situation in the US, as Volodymyr Zelenskiy visits Washington and Republicans block aid to Kyiv, and in Europe with Hungary’s Viktor Orbán trying to sabotage assistance from the European Union.