A demonstration for Palestine, Chicago, Illinois, October 8, 2023

EA on Australia’s ABC and India’s WION: Israel-Gaza — “Civilians and Hostages Are Expendable”

I joined Dublin NewsTalk’s Sean Moncrieff on Wednesday to consider the meaning of the expression “From the River to the Sea”, associated with expression of Palestinian nationalism.

Coined in the 1960s, is the slogan — followed by “Palestine Will Be Free” — the mantra for a one-state resolution, restoring pre-1948 Palestine and including a Jewish population? Is it now a sentiment for a two-state resolution with Palestinians and Israelis both having rights and security? Or is it now the preserve of Hamas, with the destruction of the Israeli state — and the demand for the removal of Jewish people?

We follow this with a discussion of the current situation, including the Israeli War Cabinet putting a priority on the destruction of Hamas over humanitarian aid for civilians in Gaza.