Rep. Jim Jordan of Ohio (R) with House Speaker Pro Tempore Rep. Patrick McHenry of North Carolina in the US Capitol, Washington, D.C. October 18, 2023 (Getty)

I joined Monocle Radio’s Georgina Godwin on Thursday to discuss the ongoing paralysis of the US House — and thus the Federal Government — by hard-right Republicans and Trumpists.

But on Wednesday, the extremists and Trumpists failed yet again to get one of their own, Rep. Jim Jordan, installed as Speaker.

On Tuesday, Jordan — who could only afford to lose three GOP votes — was opposed by 20 members of his party. After an intensive 24 hours of lobbying and even threats, Jordan “succeeded” in losing 22 Republican Representatives yesterday.

We discuss Jordan’s likely demise, a possible interim solution so the House can do business, the damage to the Republican Party from its civil war — and the ever-present threat to the US system from the extremists and Trumpists.

Listen from 37:27: