Donald Trump gestures to supporters after telling them to march on the US Capitol to “Stop the Steal”, January 6, 2021 (Jim Bourg/Reuters)

I joined Poland’s TVP World on Monday to analyze two developing stories: legal attempts to remove Donald Trump from State ballots in the 2024 Presidential election, and the launch of Israel’s ground offensive into Gaza.

The other participant is political commentator Stefan Włodarczyk.

Watch from 15:13

Evaluating the cases in Colorado and Minnesota, I explain the legal basis for the possible disqualification of Trump: applying the “insurrection clause” of the 14th Amendment over his coup attempt and the Capitol Attack of January 6, 2021.

I note the likely difficulties for the plaintiffs in getting the ban before the November 2024 general election, let alone the Republican primaries.

While I and many others believe Trump did incite violence to stay in office, that has not yet been legally established in a trial culminating in his conviction.

However, I note that this does not remove the necessity to pursue these cases as Trump faces four trials, with a total of 91 felony charges, in 2024.

If you do not have these trials, then you allow that former President — Donald Trump — to escape accountability. And that’s something no democracy should countenance because no one is above the law.

And on Israel-Gaza:

There is a contest between continuing the expanded Israeli bombing and the ground offensive v. getting humanitarian aid across the Gaza Strip.

Not only is that contest about saving lives. If you do not get that aid into Gaza, you will not separate civilians from Hamas and their deadly rule.