Polish journalist Marcin Gielzak and I joined Poland’s TVP World on Monday to review the latest developments around the world, from Slovakia to Greece and Turkey to the US.

Watch from 14:16:

We begin with analysis of Sunday’s Slovakian election, in which former Prime Minister Robert Fico and his SMER party led with 23.9% of the vote.

Can Fick, who is threatening to end Bratislava’s support for Ukraine against Russian aggression, form a coalition government?

We discuss the latest use of migrants and refugees as political and economic pawns, with Greece and Turkey using them for both reconciliation and the pursuit of billions of euros.

And we summarize the attempt by Republican extremists and Trumpists to hold the US Government hostage, even after they failed to prevent a shutdown last weekend.

EA on CGTN Europe: The Trumpists and GOP Extremists Who Would Bring the System Down