Hamas fighters advancing towards the Israeli border, October 7, 2023 (AFP)

I spoke with outlets from Poland, Ireland, the UK, India, and the US on Monday about the attack by Gaza’s Hamas — supported by Iran’s regime — on Israel, the Israeli response, and the military, political, and social dynamics of what happens next.

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I joined Yvonne Yong on The World for an in-depth look at the tactics of Hamas and Iran’s regime — explaining why this Israel-Gaza conflict already differs from those in 2008-2009, 2014, and 2021 — and how Israel is responding.

Why would Iran sanction Hamas attacking Israel at this point? That has to do with Saudi Arabia, Israel, and their talk of “normalizing” relations.

I think this Iranian gamble will work in the short term, but in the longer term will probably backfire.

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I chat with Naga Munchetty about the US Government’s response to events, as well as the calculations of Hamas and of Iran’s regime in the decision to attack Israel now.

The Americans and much of the international community will try to limit the Israeli response, because they don’t want the Israelis to be disproportionate — they don’t want to see hundreds more Gazans killed and they certainly don’t want to see an Israeli ground incursion — while they really want to see Hamas being isolated not just militarily but also politically.

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In an 18-minute deep dive analysis, I set the current killing in the context of the history of Israel and Palestine, and in the contemporary politics of the region and countries such as Iran.

What we saw that was distinctive from other conflicts between Israel and Gaza was Hamas struck with ground assaults and, for first time, carried out mass killing of civilians.

Israel will respond. It will hit Hamas inside Gaza with air attacks. Civilians will be slain. And the core question will be how quickly this can be contained to limit the killing on both sides.

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Prof. Andrew Tettenborn of The Spectator and I analyze the current situation and prospects for the near term.

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