Trumpist Rep. Matt Gaetz of Florida, one of the leaders of the “Impeach Biden” movement, takes a selfie with Donald Trump after the State of the Union address in the US Capitol, January 2018


In an interview with BBC Radio Scotland on Wednesday afternoon, I offered further analysis of the Trumpist “Impeach Biden!” charade and how much damage it might wreak on US politics and society — if the media is an accomplice.

As journalists and as analysts, we have a responsibility to call out a circus when we see it, and not be led by the ringmaster.

I also call out the Trumpist attempt to “both sides” the narrative, treating Biden’s actions as equivalent to the four sets of indictments and 91 felony counts facing Donald Trump.

I ain’t playing that game. And you shouldn’t either.

I add, “This isn’t all Republicans. This is a Trumpist faction waging a civil war within the Republican Party.”

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ORIGINAL ENTRY, SEPT 13: I joined Times Radio’s Stig Abell on Wednesday to call out the Trumpist circus, in the US House of Representatives, of impeachment hearings against President Joe Biden.

I begin with the obvious — after years of Trumpist declarations and months of closed-door hearing, there is still not a shred of evidence linking Biden to the business dealings of his son Hunter, let alone any criminal activity.

Then I analyze the equally obvious: this is a Trumpist distraction from Donald Trump’s four indictments and 91 felony charges, and an attempt to weaken Biden in the 2024 Presidential campaign.

How much of the US media and public be taken in by the spectacle?

It doesn’t matter if there aren’t any facts. You just throw mud at the wall day after day, hope that the media keeps staring at it because if everybody’s watching the circus, well, they aren’t paying attention to the real issues outside the tent.