US President Joe Biden and Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi at the G20 summit, New Delhi, India, September 8, 2023 (PTI)


In a panel discussion India’s Times Now on Friday, I spoke further about the central issues at this weekend’s G20 summit: relations with China, Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, and global issues such as economic progress, climate change, and health and biological security.

It is not just the US and Europe but other countries trying to get the G20, including India, to produce a statement which calls out the Russian invasion and calls on Moscow to cease fire — indeed, to pull back its occupying forces.

ORIGINAL ENTRY: I joined Poland’s TVP World on Monday for a 15-minute analysis of the forthcoming G20 Summit and UN General Assembly session.

I consider issues at the G20 including the objectives of the host India, relations with China, and a statement on Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

After a look at the agenda at the UN, I mark the one-year anniversary of the death of Queen Elizabeth II with a look at the ongoing crisis of “Great” Britain turning into Little England.

The other panelist is Michał Kuź of Lazarski University.

Watch from 15:04: