Donald Trump leaves Trump Tower in New York en route to interview in New York State fraud investigation, August 10, 2022 (CBS)

I joined BBC Radio Ulster’s William Crawley on Friday to analyze if the 14th Amendment of the US Constitution can disqualify Donald Trump from returning to the White House.

The other panelist is Greg Swenson of Republicans Abroad.

Listen to Discussion from 43:25

I explain the context of the 14th Amendment, passed after the US Civil War, disqualifying those involved in “insurrection” and “rebellion” from holding Federal office. I assess that — despite Trump’s incitement of violence in the Capitol Attack on January 6, 2021 — it is highly unlikely that it will be invoked before the Presidential election in November 2024.

This is largely theoretical, as the 14th Amendment has not been used since the late 19th century.

I think the far more serious Constitutional possibility would be the 25th Amendment, if Trump was convicted next year of multiple felonies and if he won the election.

Returning to more important matters, I consider Trump’s four indictments with 91 felony counts and how the media continues to fall into his political trap “sucking all the oxygen out of the room”.