A panel at the Bled Strategic Forum, Bled, Slovenia, August 28, 2023

I joined Poland’s TVP World on Monday to analyze the latest international developments, including the Bled Strategic Forum of Central and Eastern European leaders and another round of high-level US-China talks in Beijing.

The other panelist is Ilkan Dalkuc of Turkey’s Daktilo 1984.

Watch from 14:04:

On the Balkans, I discuss not only the significance of the individual governments but also — amid the catalyst of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine — the role the European Union can play in the quest for stability in the region.

We have seen a revitalized Europe in the sense of economic purpose and political purpose, but there will be a lot of challenges.

There is a need to deal with specific tensions and also to lay out a strategic framework in the Balkans and in other countries.

As US Commerce Secretary Gina Raimundo meets Chinese officials — the fourth high-level American official in Beijing since the spring — I look at the possibility of a de-escalation of US-Chinese tensions.

This is not just a tactical but a strategic approach by the Biden Administration, “Can we find areas where we can avoid confrontation and — while competing with China — find areas of common interest?”