US President Joe Biden (R) and UK Prime Minister Rishi Sunak, White House, Washington DC, June 2023

Joe Biden is making his first trip to London as US President, in a stopover before Tuesday’s NATO Summit in Lithuania.

Meeting Prime Minister Rishi Sunak and King Charles III, Biden will discuss the Russian invasion of Ukraine, climate change, and economic relations with a damaged Brexit Britain.

I joined British outlets on Sunday to evaluate the issues and to cut through the lingering myth of a US-UK “special relationship”.

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I set out the priorities for the Biden Administration, the historical and contemporary dimensions of US-UK interaction, and the issue of US cluster munitions to Ukraine.

This is no longer a special relationship. If you were pursuing economic and political leverage in the world, would you rather work with one individual country called the UK or with 27 countries called the European Union?

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I further discuss cluster munitions to Ukraine, and then bury the disinformation that Biden “snubbed” King Charles by not attending the coronation in May.