Donald Trump (second from R) and his son Eric (L) pose with shovels on a planned golf course near Aberdeen, Scotland, May 1, 2023


I spoke with Monocle Radio’s Emma Nelson on Wednesday about Donald Trump’s PR visit to Scotland and Ireland — and why the spectacle may not get rid of his political and legal difficulties.

Listen from 28:35:

In 2016 Trump was very successful in diverting from reality of situation with specatcle. In 2020 he wasn’t quite as successful.

Leading up to 2024, the ringmaster is again trying to organize a circus where he is in charge and not behind bars.

I analyze Fox TV’s firing of Tucker Carlson, as damage control over his inflammatory, libelous — and arguably racist — comments.

Fox doesn’t have to go all in with Trump in 2024, especially because Rupert Murdoch doesn’t like the guy.

The fact they cut Carlson loose, to avoid further legal problems, also shows Fox may want to portray itself as so-called “fair and balanced” vis-a-vis Trump in the next election.

ORIGINAL ENTRY, MAY 2: I joined Talk TV’s Daisy McAndrew on Monday to speak fully and frankly about Donald Trump’s visit to his golf courses in Scotland and Ireland.

I cut to the chase at the outset:

You want an honest answer? Donald Trump wanted a photo opportunity some place where he isn’t facing civil or criminal charges.

But I note that even this journey has an underside. Trump the reality TV businessman has lost $16 million over two years at his two Scottish resorts, and has tossed away more than $315 million since his investment in golf courses in 2006.

There’s also the question of where Trump got the $400 million to obtain the courses in the first place: “They do pose question marks over this business empire that Trump has supposedly built up.”

I then move from the golf scorecard to the legal scorecard, summarizing the latest in the multiple civil and criminal cases involving Trump.

I conclude with the question of Trump 2024 — whether or not he is in prison — reminding viewers that it is far too early to proclaim him the Republican nominee for the White Hosue.

It’s best to get beneath the headlines. At the end of the day, is this a man who stays the course not in terms of spectacle but in terms of responsbility and competence?”