Residents put up flags in Ballina, Ireland — the ancestral home of Joe Biden — for the US President’s forthcoming visit, April, 4, 2023 (Peter Morrison/AP)

I joined BBC Radio Ulster’s Talkback on Tuesday afternoon for a 25-minute panel discussion on Joe Biden’s visit to Northern Ireland/Ireland and its significance for the 2024 US Presidential election.

Political analysts Shane Greer and Winnie King also join host William Crawley.

Listen to Discussion from 1:05.08

We talk about the notion of “Irish America”, Biden’s record and tactics, and the issues in 2024.

Biden’s trying to go beyond Irish America to tap into a sense of responsibility — that the US can be a force for good and a force for stability.

That’s where the Good Friday Agreement comes in. It’s the feel-good moment in American foreign policy that Biden may be able to use.