Joe Biden in the video launching his re-election bid, April 25, 2023

As US President Joe Biden announced his candidacy for re-election on Tuesday, I spoke with Ireland’s RTE and the BBC about the man, his Administration’s record, and the forthcoming campaign.

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It’s quite clear that Biden — quite rightly — see Donald Trump as a threat to democracy who needs to be stopped

But I wouldn’t underestimate the other challenges — immigration, the Supreme Court’s challenge to women’s rights, the ongoing failure to deal with gun control.

I think Biden wants to take on those challenges for another four years.

I also discuss the sudden departure of polemicist Tucker Carlson from Fox TV, considering the damage that both the commenatator and the channel have caused to US politics and society.

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I spoke further with BBC radio on Tuesday afternoon about the dynamics of politics within the Democratic and Republican parties, and whether a damaged US media system could get back to coverage of issues rather than spectacle.

This is probably the Administration which has accomplished the most on the domestic front since the 1960s.

So if this election is on issues and achievements, not only does Biden have good reason to run but Democrats fare well against any Republican.

but of course American politics doesn’t turn on issues these days, it turns on white noise and disinformation. The question is which one prevails next year.