I joined BBC Radio Ulster’s William Crawley in a 20-minute discussion of the impending Trump indictment, outlining the legal facts and situation.

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However, the chat is most revealing about the lengths to which some Republican activists will go to amplify Donald Trump’s dog-whistle politics, invective, and even falsehoods.

In this case, the activist is Greg Swenson, the former chair of Republican Overseas. Not challenging the legal facts — and without a shred of evidence — he trashes Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg, prosecutors, the grand jury, and the judicial system.

At one point, frustrated at being asked for support for his assertions, Swenson resorts to gaslighting — apparently I am the one who is “lying as usual”.

My summary:

To attack those who are upholding the legal system as the bad guys and the enemies, and thus covering for Trump, is the same tactic that Trump has used for years: attacking courts, attacking Congress, and attacking agencies.


As the possible indictment of Donald Trump still looms, I spoke with BBC outlets on Tuesday about the possible financial felony charge and its legal and political significance.

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It was not just Trump’s tweet which was significant but some high-profile Republican politicians — including House Speaker Kevin McCarthy and former Vice President Mike Pence — echoing it. They said this is a “political prosecution” rather than recognizing the authority of the American legal system.

ORIGINAL ENTRY, MARCH 20: I joined BBC Radio 5 Live and Times Radio on Sunday to consider the possible indictment of Donald Trump on a financial felony charge, and to analyze Trump’s “dog whistle” to supporters and Republican politicians in response.

I explain why Trump may finally face trial over his $130,000 “hush money” to adult film star Stormy Daniels, weeks before the 2016 Presidential election, and the attempt cover up the payment as “legal expenses” in Trump Organization accounts.

Then I evaluate Trump’s attempt to control the narrative by calling on supporters to protest — and on GOP legislators to pledge loyalty to him rather than the US judicial system.

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