US President Joe Biden hosts Ukraine President Volodymyr Zelenskiy at the White House, Washington, DC, September 1, 2021 (Jonathan Ernst/Reuters)

The Clinton Institute’s Liam Kennedy and I joined the US politics podcast of Dr. Clodagh Harrington and Dr. Alex Waddan for a deep-dive analysis of the Biden Administration’s foreign policy.

Along the way we evaluate the repair of Donald Trump’s damage, the US-European relationship, the Administration’s response to the Ukraine War, and the harm of “realists” like John Mearsheimer who excuse Vladimir Putin’s invasion.

February 24, 2022 will be one of those catalytic moments in history.

Vladimir Putin gambled that he could break the rules of international order that had been strained, that might be flawed but had been there since the end of World War II.

He gambled that he could break the US and Europe and it backfired.