As five police officers were charged with second-degree murder over the killing of Tyre Nichols (pictured) in Memphis, Tennessee, I spoke with British radio outlets about the case, violence and police accountability, and race.

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Even if this case is prosecuted all the way through the judicial system, this is a problem which will continue in an American political culture which has had police confrontations with people of color for many decades.

Regrettably, after the George Floyd killing, this was polarized around the misleading slogan of “Defund the Police”. This was never about defunding the police: it is about moving from a system where people are truly served and protected by the police and other agencies.

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I am joined by journalist Marion McKeone in discussion with Audrey Carville.

As Tyre Nichols’ mother said, this isn’t about the race of the officers. This is about another innocent black man being killed, and a black man is far more likely to be killed than a man of another color or ethnicity.

If you say, “The officers are black so we give this a pass,” then you don’t deal with the issue.