I joined Emma North on Monocle 24 to talk further about the supply of F-16 fighter jets to Ukraine, amid further maneuvering by Kyiv and the possible members of an international coalition providing the US-made warplanes.

I examine the current positions of the US and of European countries, with the Netherlands and Poland breaking the ice for a coalition. I explain the significance of the jets for the battlefield, and evaluate the likely Russian response.

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This is not “Europe’s War”. It is not “America’s War”. This is Vladimir Putin’s War.

The Kremlin will say this is the West wanting to wage war on Russia. It is not. It is the question, “Do you help Ukraine survive?” and, beyond that, “Do you help maintain not war but order?”

ORIGINAL ENTRY, JAN 28: I joined Claire Byrne on Ireland’s RTE 1 Radio on Friday to analyze the prospect of fighter jets being provided to Ukraine followed this week’s international commitment of battle tanks.

We discuss Ukraine President Volodymyr Zelenskiy’s appeal for US-made F-16 jets, the possible alternative of US-made A-10 “Warthogs”, Russia’s failure to establish air superiority in their 11-month invasion, and Moscow’s response to any supply of fighter jets to Kyiv.

The other panellist is retired Lt. Col. Kevin Byrne.

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The Kremlin will say, “If you supply these jets, you leave yourselves open to us counter-attacking.” But Russia is overstretched already.

You have a decision to make: you either equip Ukraine to defend itself or you stick to protecting yourself on your homefront.

I prefer the first option.