Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi IR) with Russian leader Vladimir Putin IAFP)

I joined India’s CNN 18 on Tuesday to analyze the Indian Government’s tightrope walk, amid Russia’s war on Ukraine, between economic and military links with Moscow and the risk of appearing to support — or at least excuse — Vladimir Putin’s invasion.

The “US v. #Russia” narrative in India is a diversion. It’s a diversion to hide from the choices which may need to be made. The fundamental here is not about the US: it’s about Russia v. Ukraine and then Russia v. the international community.

The Russian invasion is trying to rip up rules of the game, as imperfect as they are. If Putin can attack Ukraine, why can’t China attack India because it is “too close” to West w the Quad? Why can’t Pakistan attack India on the pretext of Delhi having an “extremist” Government?