Donald Trump returns to the White House after playing golf, November 7, 2020 (Andrew Caballero-Reynolds/AFP)

I joined Times Radio’s Alexis Conran, just before President-elect Joe Biden’s victory was confirmed on Saturday, and talkRADIO’s Harriet Minter soon after the announcement.

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In a 50-minute special, Greg Swenson of Republicans Abroad, British MP Tobias Ellwood, and I discuss the possibilities after Biden’s win, focusing on Trump’s disinformation and refusal to accept the outcome.

The process has worked.

The problem is that as it has been pursued, with people on both sides calling for all votes to be counted and for a peaceful transition of power, Donald Trump has not. He has proclaimed that this is a corrupt system and that the election has been stolen from him.

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As well as considering whether Trump will cling to the desk in the Oval Office, I discuss the effect of a Biden Administration on US relations with other countries, and on the course of the Coronavirus pandemic.

Trump has trashed the office. He turned it from an office which, even if it’s the most powerful person in the US, is supposed to serve the interests of the state, the interests of America in the world, and the interests of the American people — he turned it into an office to serve the interests of himself and his family.

He ran the Presidency as he ran his business: to bring profit and glory to one man. And if he felt he wasn’t gaining that, he took retribution.