Image: David Parkins

The latest from America Unfiltered, the joint project of EA WorldView and University College Dublin’s Clinton Institute:

What is America Unfiltered?

Modern society heavily relies on new technologies for its correct functioning. The way we work, pay our bills, drive, shop, and make friends have been profoundly affected by developments in Information and Communications Technology.

These technological advancements have also deeply influenced relations among states. Understanding the impact of ICT on international relations is now key to making sense of global politics.

So, with the impact of technological developments on great power competition, how is American primacy being challenged by Russia and China?

The strategic competition between the United States, and China and Russia has taken different forms. This includes:

*US-Sino competition over intellectual property theft and 5G wireless technology

*US-Russian competition over influence operations and election interference

*US-Sino-Russian competition in the development of global norms of internet governance and acceptable behavior in cyberspace

Can the US leverage the capabilities of its domestic private sector in this competition?

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