Michael Bloomberg and Bernie Sanders

I joined Monocle 24’s Andrew Mueller on Tuesday to discuss exchanges between Bernie Sanders, one of the leading group in the race for the Democratic nomination for US President, and Michael Bloomberg, who is joining the contest late on “Super Tuesday” in early March.

I discuss why the political spat is a distraction from the issues — but why Bloomberg has to press this in the hope of media attention for his campaign, and why Sanders will use this as part of his campaign against “billionaires”.

Listen from 1:28

You can come into a campaign late, that’s your right. You can spend money on ads, that’s your right.

But when you enter in early March, you need to talk about issues like climate change. You need to talk about issues like economic justice. You need to talk about education and America’s standing in the world.

You need to talk about race and policing, and not think you can overrode the issues and the other candidate through a lot of TV ads.