Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin wave at the Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation summit in Vietnam, November 2017


I spoke with Turkey’s TRT World about the significance of Donald Trump seizing the interpreter’s records of his conversations with Russian President Vladimir Putin, and not sharing them with US officials:

You should put this in the broader context that, within weeks, Robert Mueller will file his report against Donald Trump, and Trump may indeed be suspected of having been — at least unwittingly — a Russian agent. At that point, Trump may no longer be US President, well before the end of his first term.

I joined CNN International’s Natalie Allen on Sunday morning to discuss Donald Trump, possibly compromised by Russian President Vladimir Putin, persisting with his Trump Shutdown of the federal government.

Watch from 16:32:

These stories aren’t just coming from former officials but also current officials. That’s because US agencies are concerned that Donald Trump is a threat.

They are worried about the Government shutdown. And they are worried that you have a US President whose first priority has been — for whatever reason, personal, financial, or political — to protect his relationship with a foreign power.